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Tournament History


17 Medals in 5 NERVA tournaments (6 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze)

 32 Top Ten Finishes in 9 Tournaments (3 Gold, 2 Silver, 8 Bronze)

13 Kiwis won 2 National bids (AAU Grand Prix & AAU Super Regional) 

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5 medals in 5 tournaments, 6 teams at AAU Super Regional, 4 teams at Boston Nike Qualifier,

4 teams at AAU Fun in the Sun, 2 teams at Smack Winterfest, 1 team at Spikefest









16-Phoenix won the Gold at AAU Grand Prix, earning a bid to AAU Nationals in Orlando! 13-Cardinals also came in second in their division.


11 Medals out of 35 total NERVA tournaments, 2 Teams at RI Rumble, 2 Teams at Philly NEQ, 5 teams @ Winterfest, 7 teams at Boston Mizuno, 3 teams at PUMAS Friendship


We were able to rack up 8 medals out of a total 15 tournaments.

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