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Club History

Lockdown Volleyball Club first started in Fall of 2017.  Founded by Craig Letourneau.  We had a vision to spread sport of volleyball.  We wanted to create a juniors club to not just promote the fun of volleyball, but promote the importance of skill development and competitiveness, as well as the mental and social development that goes along with playing sports.

Organization and Vision

Lockdown Volleyball Club is a regional volleyball organization sanctioned by USA Volleyball, NEAAU, and the New England Region Volleyball.

LDVBC is a great place for girls in the Southeastern MA area to grow and excel in the sport of volleyball.
Association (NERVA) to train and develop junior volleyball athletes.  Our vision is to become an area leader in providing excellent volleyball training and playing opportunities to local juniors.  


Mission Statement and Philosophy

Lockdown Volleyball Club strives to provide area athletes with an opportunity to play the game of volleyball at a high level.  Our overall goal is improve every player's volleyball IQ. We believe in teaching all facets of the game, which includes (but not limited to) fundamentals, X&O's, strategy, relationship building and strength/agility.  

We understand that many of our players will aspire to play college volleyball. We are committed to assisting players and their families through the college recruiting process.  

Lockdown VBC believes in growing the game from a young age. Through our youth development program we will provide  a program for beginners and near beginners to learn volleyball skills and prepare for their middle school, freshman or junior varsity teams.  

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