Developmental Program

Youth Developmental Program  

Cost: FREE

Times will be 8am-9am

First session- November 23, November 30, December 7th, December 15th (Sunday), December 21st, January 11th, January 25th and February 1st.

2nd session will run-4 consecutive Saturdays- Feb 15-March 7


The developmental program is available to boys & girls grades 4-7. This program will provide players basic volleyball skills and strategies to prepare them for higher levels of play in their middle school or junior varsity seasons.

This program will consist of 1 hour long sessions to teach the fundamentals of volleyball and to develop these skills through drills and game play. 

This program is designed for players and families interested in learning the game of volleyball from the beginner level.  Those interested in developing a solid foundation in the basic skills and tactics of volleyball will thrive in this fun learning environment.  Program participants will be accountable for being good listeners, demonstrating a willingness to learn, bringing enthusiasm to practice and making their best efforts.