2022-23 Practice Schedule

Practice times will be determined before season starts based on number of teams in the club

National and Regional teams will practice 3x a week. practices range from 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours in length. Local teams will practice 1-2x a week.teams

First month of season will have teams also doing an additional day of position training.

- Tentative possible days/times locations are

Tuesdays, Thursdays at Forekicks/Taunton between the hours of 5pm-8:30pm. Thursdays at Wheaton College between the hours of 5pm-10pm and Saturdays at Wheaton College between the hours of 7:30am-2pm.  Mansfield Fieldhouse Sundays between the hours of 5pm-8pm and Mondays between the hours of 5pm-9:30pm